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Business Management Milestones

Working within groups is the best way to overcome problems as groups are part of the organizations and thus cannot be excluded. The efficiency of production, process improvement as well as proficiency of problem solving is greater in groups instead of separate individuals (Akile & Norrain, 1998). Therefore, group effectiveness can assist in enhancing the overall management of the organizations with completion of tasks in an agreed time. There are six keys on the features of effective groups which are well-defined roles, strong norms, interaction, communication, group size and group cohesiveness.

Well-Defined Roles

Strong Norms


Google makes sure that employees could adjust their schedules and work on projects they are passionate about as well as attending to their personal lives. This factor is one of the components of success the company has achieved through passion, creativity and innovation as this giant entity is proud of its loyal employees who love to go to work.


Netflix have kept it simple when it comes to communicating with management internally despite being famous for their out-of-the-box thinking. Board members only observe when they periodically attend monthly and quarterly meetings. Along with this, only in the form of short online memos where questions are answered comes from the management. In recent years, Netflix have credited this as a meaningful contribution towards their performance.

HubSpot redefined what it meant to be transparent in business being the top global digital marketing automation company. The company allowed discussions directly with their Chief Technology Officer (CTO) which was effective as well as highly appreciative and to date HubSpot has received multiple awards for its company culture.

Group Size

The rule is simple whereby a group is too large if a group cannot be fed by two pizzas as consistent connections are more easily made with fewer group members meaning fewer connections within a network.

Pizza Algorithm – 2 Pizza Rule

Group Cohesiveness

In conclusion, the tasks that are carried out and the reaction to failures as well as mishaps are determined by the culture of an organization. The probability of optimal operational integrity and productivity could be improved to a great extent with effective group practices involving coordination, communication, decision making and vigilance as well as monitoring technical task performances This situation not only improves attitudes and organizational efficiency but also boost morale and job satisfaction. In my opinion a high-performing business and a quality group with good ethic is the basis of a powerful entity which may lead to the success and smooth running of an organization.


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