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September 1, 1939

World War II

Biggest and deadliest war in history

Lasted for 6 years till 1945

Adolf Hitler promising to restore German wealth and power during the economic depression after World War I

Started with Nazi’s invasion of Poland

The show of power

The show of dictatorship

Involving more than 30 countries

20 million military casualty

40 million civilian casualty

6 million Jews casualty during the holocaust

Now – why are we talking about the above?

Evolution has really been amazing for us post WWII.

The Golden Age of Capitalism – the economic boom has led us to the present advancement of our world economy and technology.

Just to be clear with all, history may be altered due to it’s tangibility of facts, reliability of sources and other unforeseen factors.

However, there are also many other important things that are in existence and cannot be denied – documentation, artifact, literature, manuscript, art, fossil, etc.

Now – the reason why our world is advanced and we are well informed on the above is – due to the documentation of the foresaid history.

Which is very, very, very important!

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it

-Winston Churchill


Having lived in a diverse world – meeting people from different background, race, ethnicity, spoken native lingual, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, wealth status and what not – most of us find that the group of people we mingle with would actually really depend on our mutual interests.

It’s true, today some of us may be interested in fitness; thus, the group of friends we hang out with may all be gym enthusiasts.

Today some of us may be addicted to online video games – so, the group of people we hang out with are generally gamers.

Some of us love cooking, so it rings an adrenaline bell when Gordon Ramsey’s show airs.

We could go on, but you get the point.

Because in reality – it’s the people that makes the place.

However generally, there’s one piece that’s lacking in the whole ideology of mutual interests.

A lot of these mutual interests are indeed a byproduct of your surrounding and circumstances.

Evidently, it is a mean of communication – expressing your feelings to one another, by having mutual interests.

The girl you like, likes yoga – magically you pick up the interest in yoga, fitness and health.

The classmate you admire the most is a school volleyball captain, you get captivated in a sport that you had no idea about.

Your life mentor advocates leadership, something you may have lacked all your life – and you end up picking up something you thought you were never capable of.

Your close next door neighbor recommends you a very good Netflix show to binge on, and hey guess what?

Welcome home Peaky Blinders!

The World is Our Stage

Now – the fundamental of these behavioral processes goes all the way to what we were talking about previously.


You have it, we want it too.

You’re strong, we’re stronger.

You conquer, we conquer!

We always think that it’s about how similar we are from one another.

In fact, it’s often about how different we are from one another and us wanting to show everyone that we are different.

It’s just that we integrate with one another and adapt to our environment due to circumstances and ultimately – sort out our differences.

Now how do we communicate with one another when we are all different from each other?

How on earth is


going to cater to the remaining of population of earth that aren’t able to speak or read English?

And these people are miles away from us – not taking into consideration of the world’s prevailing, deadliest pandemic that ever existed – COVID-19.

Now our answer is simple – you’ve heard us say this before:


We are bringing our work right to the doorstep (in our case – desktop) of every audience.

Our platform acts as the bridging gap between the world’s population.

Because communication does not necessarily involve around mutual interests.

Communication can also be an expression of emotions and documentation of ideas based on instincts and most essentially – real life incidents.

Remember, the world is our stage.

And this time – we’re expressing it to our audience via art!

Words are not exactly needed (although we do provide lots of writing in one segment or the other).

Be it abstract or non abstract.

Behold, we present you a collective of visual & literature art we have established over the years – NOW DIGITALIZED.

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