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The Wolf of Wall Street

  • So here it is

    Watch a movie

    Hear great dialogues

    Witness great, great acting – award winning level

    Feel goosebumps on your skin

    Get super motivated

    Brew passion in business

    Get an idea

    Visualize great potential

    Smell that victory is a stone’s throw away

    Smug to yourself because it can actually make tons of money

    Draft out the idea

    Think about the capital, effort and time required

    Start to question ‘possibilities’

    Get a ‘little’ bit side track

    Decide to ‘delay’ the plan and get back to it next time

    Get held up with other more ‘important’ commitments

    Never had the ‘time’ to revisit your plan

    Get older every second

  • Repeat for a ‘few’ years

  • 60 year old self – sitting on your couch, regretting life decisions


The biggest, biggest, biggest problem about the flowchart above is the uncontrollable hedonism of humans.

Our mind is usually programmed to adapt to a particular thought process when we are trying to figure something significant out in life.

A process that would primarily benefit ourselves – over anything else.

But the thought process usually does not materialize.

Because of various circumstances and ‘what ifs?’ along the way.

Let’s take an example of the below typical corporate life process (fast forwarded):

Please your boss -> Climb up the corporate ladder

Climb up the corporate ladder -> More money

More money -> Better car, bigger house

Better car, bigger house -> Better life partner (hedonism at its best)

Better life partner -> Better life

Better life -> Happiness forever and ever

Now, let’s look at it at the standpoint of achieving gratification or in a simpler word – happiness.

Honestly, it does take too much time, effort and energy for the above.

So what we’d usually do is, skip lots of the processes in between in hope for a short cut – to achieve our ultimate dream.

And when one or more of our dreams do not work out – we tend to slack a lot.

Deciding that it’s time to take a break.

Because we think that we worked hard – like super hard.

And that – all in all is called, seeking for instant gratification.

However, in business & entrepreneurship, the whole attribute of success will only come with delayed gratification.

There is no way for you to skip any of the processes in between to achieve success.


Key: Consistency, Discipline and Relentlessness

Our pioneer team comes from professional backgrounds ourselves.

Education, legal practice, business consultation.

We are blessed to have experienced natural speakers.

Public speaking, choral speaking, presentation, teaching, lecturing, training, arbitration, litigation, sales and what not.

We will do our best to deliver all of our knowledge, experience and expertise in business & entrepreneurship to our audience.

Most importantly – we will let you know more about the 3 keys:

Consistency, Discipline, Relentlessness

So, stay tuned!

By order of the


Untold creations – ideas from 50+ years ago, now digitalized

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Covers miscellaneous training on skill sets such presentation skills, sales pitch skills, body language and facial expression execution while pitching

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