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Fiction? Literature?

If you read thoroughly – one of our pages is about art & literature while this page you’re on now is dedicated specially for fictions.

So, why do we have another page just for fictions?

Isn’t fiction and literature the same?


They are not.

Fiction is just one of the components under the umbrella of literature.

Fiction Literature
Documentation and presentation Mainly in writing form Broader as it encompasses many different types of written and spoken materials, can consist of fictional and non fictional
Essence Post modern Classic in nature
Creativity High High
Examples Novels, short stories Drama, poetry
Reader’s comprehension Easier to understand from beginning to end – with a central theme and simpler linear plots Deeper comprehension needed – reader is expected to stumble upon deep symbolisms to relate to the main theme
Difficulty of creating Above average Hard
Ideology To make an appeal to the ordinary masses Necessitates that the author implants a sort of feeling, emotion and ever lasting memory – something that is harder to penetrate

All in all – literature can be likened as the mother of fiction.

However, fiction has its unique entry that deserves an attention on its own.

Which is why


is here to explain…


Fiction is a product of one’s imagination.

To fulfill the utmost satisfaction from your fantasies, fiction writing is the best form of documentation that can be used to classify any stories created by your imagination and ideas.

Fiction is not based strictly on history or fact.

Thus, fiction can be utilized in miscellaneous genres which include writing of literary narrative work such as novels and short stories.

The wonders from fiction utilization are limitless and have not been fully understood by many people.

Let’s have an example in your real working life:

You try to propose a new insight for construction to your boss; however, you’re not the only one proposing.

Everyone would have prepared their best ideas through documentation.

Ultimately, the person who has the best documentation (presentation) of imagination (ideas), gets the task handed to him/her.

Each and every one of us has talents that we are unaware of.

Or some may have realized their talents, but they are unable to fully express their capabilities.

Finding your talent and expressing your capabilities can be hard, but with a little fiction in your life, you’ll be able to truly envision endless ideas and make them something worthwhile.

We have a simple yet meaningful quote for you all:

When you bring the best out of your imagination, your imagination brings the best out of you



We’ll keep this page updated with various articles, post and videos regarding fiction and its significance.

Stay tuned.

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