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Beauty Pageant, a Powerful Platform

When you hear the word pageant, images of women up on stage with dazzling gowns, makeup, hair expertly styled and of course the gleaming crown comes to the mind. How does beauty pageant help the society? It is simple if we understand that the process through which women can become a symbol of national identity and pride with collective ideas to bring a change to the community is what that makes this contest shine.

Every year it is incredible to see women from different backgrounds, ethnicities and jobs desire to compete in order to encourage one another. Women empowerment, diversity, intelligence and leadership are celebrated and we have witnessed this through the major international pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth.

Have you ever wondered that beauty pageants help to promote tourism as these platforms are excellent opportunities to highlight features of the location where the pageant is held? What if you knew that beauty pageants have the potential to bring a nation together as supporters all across the world enjoy cheering for their beloved representative whether they are watching the event live or on television. Despite cultural and religious differences, people gather together to witness the magnificent coronation night and it is clear that these pageants enrich international relations as well.

Do you know why beauty pageants are still essential in today’s world? Well, a simple answer to that is all these amazing women are championing for a cause and purpose by being role models. The pageant contestants have used the opportunity as well as their personal platforms to empower others by giving opinions and expressing themselves. They are also activists working on issues such as education, equality and health to name a few.

For an ice breaker let us look at the motto of Miss Universe Pageant which is “Confidently Beautiful”. Our incredible and talented beauty queens have been active advocates championing causes on humanitarian issues and also representing the organization as a voice for a constructive change of positivity in the world. How can one ever forget the iconic lava gown and the “slow-motion twirl” by Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray of the Phillipines that got the attention of not just Tyra Banks but the whole world? Not forgetting Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa who handled her duty extremely well despite the coronavirus pandemic by sharing messages of mental health from home virtually throughout the world. We now have our new Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza of Mexico who is inspiring people each day by spreading awareness. Due to the pandemic, she would have the shortest reign but we wait eagerly each day to see her advocate causes and she never fails to amaze us.

On the other hand, the Beauty with a Purpose projects of Miss World that has helped people across the globe has been a source of motivation for the younger generation. Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar of India campaigned to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene and managed to treat many women during her reign. Besides that, Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce from Mexico was committed to the indigenous people’s intercultural education while Miss World 2019 Toni Ann Singh of Jamaica enabled young women to utilize their abilities to generate awareness by advocating for the rights of children and women. All these initiative of unique humanitarian projects raised millions of dollars for good causes each year all over the world.

In fact, Miss International acts as an “Ambassador of Peace and Beauty” with the goal of promoting global peace, goodwill and understanding while Miss Earth aims to raise awareness and education about current and environmental challenges as well as what actions may be taken locally, nationally and internationally through the power of campaigns and media broadcasting.

Having said that, beauty pageants will always be viewed from two perspectives, with disagreements arising between the supporters and critics. I would say why focus on the negativity when the positivity illuminates thousands of lives and give them hope that their lives would also improve for the betterment. Let us focus on the details as to why the positivity makes a whole lot of difference. The title is being used to spread goodwill and compassion over the world. Our queens have raised awareness by volunteering and helping people who are less fortunate such as the poor and homeless. They have also been a major advocate in terms of environmental awareness and conservation of our planet as well as supporters of animal rights. It also comes down to the part whereby our queens are not just beautiful but intelligent by disseminating the message of peace, collaboration and harmony among all living beings.

In the end, it is extremely important to make an everlasting impact in people’s life and that is the real essence of beauty in this platform. Even a slight difference that could bring a smile on faces of the people who are going through numerous struggles and life challenging turmoil is what that matters the most. The power of this platform is represented by the crown and our queens. Signing off with – beauty pageant, a powerful and dynamic platform – conveying the message of change and inclusiveness to the world!

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