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Untold creations – ideas from 50+ years ago, now digitalized


A little bit of a flashback is always important before we tell you our delivery.

Our team has always been fond lovers of animals.

We all had our share of wonderful stories of domestic pets that lived with us throughout the decades of our lives and it has always been an honor for us to be with such remarkable beings.

Unfortunately, most of them are not with us anymore and all that remains are great, great memories.

Similarly – as written in the history books, we read about the greatest world war fallen heroes, extinct animals, dinosaurs, titanic and, what not.

To honor these memories:


will thrive to create more and more general articles and miscellaneous contents for our audience .


In the name of digitalization, technology advancement, Elon Musk spaceship theories and the world’s worst pandemic ever – COVID-19, there are certain matters that we are concerned about.

  1. Environmental concerns
  2. Human sociology concerns

No doubt, technology advancement has been a great benefit for all of us for the past 50 years.

Nevertheless, there are so many prevailing environmental impacts that have erupted across all nations in these times of evolution.

In years to come, the world will be the most digitalized we have ever seen.

We are not only talking about flying cars here – but the limitless advancement of technology that the world has yet to see.

Many governments across the globe are working hand on hand together to resolve these environment and sociology concerns; however, a little part from all of us will really go a long way for mother earth and humanity.

Word of Honour

We are presently working with many small medium enterprises and non profit organizations in Malaysia and Singapore that cater to the protection of cruelty against animals and environment conservation.

Our plan in the future is to scale up our help and donation drives to all other countries across Asia and – call us crazy – the whole continent across the globe.

Every sale from us will contribute to all our non profit organizations and we hope to expand more into human sociology – fast-forwarding into the next 10 years.

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