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Childhood Memories

There was a time when I lived my fairy tale dreams,

my entire life was a reflection of pure innocence.

Happiness was warmth of being held by the arms,

recalling those fantasies with a hope to reminisce.

Looking at the rainbow I spread my wings and fly,

in the direction of peaceful calm and golden rays.

Where I learned to walk and talk with my family,

how I wish I could travel back to my childhood days?

As I grew, I explored the garden I thought my world,

with my grandfather who was my hero of wisdom.

Countless time under the sun plucking corns in the field,

while I sat amazed looking at him to cure boredom.

Not to forget the sibling rivalry which was fondly fought,

the time I ran, fell and played all day with my buddies.

Grasping each other’s strings and hurt only to be caught,

listening to dad’s scolding while eating yummy mangoes.

My mum instilled in me a strong sense of morality,

how do I demonstrate my admiration for both of them?

Each lesson taught me to grow, succeed and live-in unity,

with your kindness you are a role model and a special gem.

The most precious thing to treasure is childhood,

as these wonderful recollections do not fade away.

In a world of complexity for a nice and better livelihood,

would it not be lovely if I could press a button called replay?

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