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Short Stories

Untold creations – ideas from 50+ years ago, now digitalized

Action, Comedy, Fable, Mind-Bending

For the past 20 years, we’ve had countless of ideas that lingered within our minds.

It felt like some sort of an aberrant vibe that made us have all those fantasies within.

Some of them were so captivating that sometimes we’d just day dream and marvel at our own imagination.

It felt awesome being in that fantasy and we’d want to try every single way to bring the best out of it.

However, being occupied with working life, we only wished for one thing.

We wished that one day, we will be able grab a coffee, grab a pen, sit down while facing the nature, and start writing a fiction story based on our ideas and imagination.

That day never came.

We knew that time would never make way for us.

So we made way for time.

Every day after work, we started finding our peace of mind and sat down to write.

At first it was easy to start as we had all the introduction and ideas.

But as we continued writing, the flow just wasn’t there.

It took us countless effort to find serenity and quietness.

And the moment we found that tranquility, that’s when we couldn’t stop writing.

It became a habit that we’d pick up our papers and start writing whenever we had the time.

So over the years, we’ve have written lots of novels and short stories.

We never had the intention to publish any of them, but we now feel that we should share some of our works with you all.

These writings are the outcome of effort, time and lots of social interacting – to find the ideas and learn some lesson from other people – which will always be worthwhile.

Do keep yourself engaged on this page as we’ll be posting up our untold creations soon.

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