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Best Season of the Year?

Time for apple picking

Chores of leaf raking

Mount hiking

Nature trail biking

Best time for aesthetic picture taking

Mid-Autumn festival

Fun fares and carnival

European Football new season arrival

Meeting new people

Beginning of semester for academic year

Oktoberfest for you to cheer

The world is just way prettier

Great scene

Holidays in between


Pumpkin carving


And finally: Winter is coming

Now, what else is known to be significant in fall?

The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck

First comic ever created in the history of time

Originally named as Histoire de M. Vieux Bois – 1827

Originated in Geneva, Switzerland

Written by Rodolphe Töpffer

In the fall of 1842 (September 14) – the English version was published for the first time ever!

Thereafter, the comic industry started to bloom with great work done by various artists, caricaturists and cartoonists.


If you remember reading about Our Delivery – you will probably remember our remarks on domestic pets.

It’s been awhile since most of them had left us.

And what remains now are great memories.

In the name of commemorating those wonderful creatures – we are specially dedicating this page for them.

We will take our time to honor all the fallen animals out there – cherished by all of you.

We will be dropping our viewers with several seasons of our sitcom comics featuring lots and lots of domestics pets.

All of these comics are 100% based on real life events.

Each sale from the comic will be contributed to our selected Non-Profit Organization that run caters to the stray animals population control. Visit The Pawserby for more info.

Do look forward to all of our comics by the digital creators of:


FALLING in the late AUTUMN of 2021

SPRINGING up in the late SPRING of 2022

Stay tuned!

Coming Soon

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