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Student Life

Having been a student before, we know how it feels like when you are running out of time to submit an assignment or a coursework.

It’s very taxing to oblige to deadlines especially when you are occupied with other activities and social life.

Undoubtedly, the internet has helped us all to answer our questions and aid with our research.

We are trying our best to add more digital materials to the internet, hoping that all students out there could make use of our own written journals and academic essays.

All of our work are 100% original and we have also made several cross reference on other authors for each topic to ensure accuracy of the points covered.

All students are welcome to use our work and include us in your reference as well.

We have also included numerous suggestions of research topics and the respective points for you to expand on – making the topics the perfect focus for your own academic essay publication.


Back then, we thought that studying and attaining a Bachelor’s Degree was one of the hardest thing to do in life.

Never have we been so wrong.

For those of you in the working life – be it corporate, your own business, service line, blue collar and what not – you all know that tertiary education was a walk in the park as compared to what you are going through in life now.

As much as it seemed to be hard at that point of time, today, we all wish that we are back in our college and university days – or even high school for many people.

Don’t get us wrong, we are actually talking about the simplicity of the student life.

We are not saying that it’s easy – what we are saying is that – it was easier.

We come from professional backgrounds ourselves – education, law, engineering.

We know exactly what you are going through.

And all we are going to tell you is to take it easy.

You have a long way ahead of you.

And we mean long, long, long way…


Untold creations – ideas from 50+ years ago, now digitalized

is here to help you throughout your journey!

Piece of Advice

In years to come, it is quite likely that most of you will do something else as compared to what you have attained in your major.

Regardless which pathway you choose, the possibilities are endless.

The only day you fail in life is when you stop trying.

For all of you, we’d like to focus on 3 key words:

  • Consistency
  • Discipline
  • Relentlessness

With the 3 key words above, you’d achieve things that you possibly would have never imagined.

Yes, pretty sure what we’re saying may seem a little vague.

And that’s why we will have them covered in our upcoming academic essays and general articles.

So, keep yourself updated to our page as we’ll post lots of valuable academic information from time to time.