Web 3.0

Untold creations – ideas from 50+ years ago, now digitalized


Untold creations – ideas from 50+ years ago, now digitalized

Refreshing your memory (yes you’ve read this before, but we’d love you to read it again!)

If you look closely, we have been emphasizing our tagline very, very, very, often on most pages and posts.

The fundamentals of our work are not scripted recently.

It has in fact been scripted 50+ years ago by our advisor who had a fantastic childhood back in the black and white days – when drama sketches, dance theaters, rock and roll, ventriloquism (puppet shows) were still relatively prevalent from the late 50s and early 60s.

We are a nostalgic bunch of people and we believe that everyone has this sense of belonging no matter which era you are from or no matter what was trendy during your time.

Our whole concept is to integrate the past and the present via contents that will never ever die until the end of time – even though we are not here someday.

The question here is – how exactly it’s going to be done?


Now, you might have heard this word pretty often but perhaps you haven’t had much of an insight on this.

This word is the key and it’s also in our tagline.

We are going to DIGITALIZE everything to everyone, everywhere!

Oh you might be wondering – in the years to come, will we still be using 50+ years ago in our tagline?

As it might be 70+ years ago or even 100+ years ago as per timeline.

The answer is a straight forward, yes! We will still be using 50+ years ago for a simple reason – The Relativity Theory of Time (we will keep this topic for another day in case it’s getting too technical for you).

In simple words: In the year 2070, when someone reads this page, they are being brought back to the year 2020 and will be able to experience our work done presently – continuously, day by day.

As times move, our work moves proportionally – in respect to the advancement of technology.

Below is one of the highest evolution in technology in which we are very involved with, known as the Web 3.0!


Web 3.0

Blacwhite Legacy a.k.a. blac|<white is a startup Web 3.0 service provider
blac|<white is a top-rated company on Fiverr (public listed on New York Stock Exchange as a service provider platform) and has been featured multiple times as Fiverr’s Choice for founders of Web 3.0 business ventures

• Leader of Web 3.0 project & community management teams that handle 300+ NFT, ICO, IEO and IDO Discord servers and social media pages (Twitter & Instagram)
– Provides a series of commendable Discord project consultation, solutions, and overall management for Web 3.0 projects, clients, business partners & investors

• Leader of Web 2.0 community management teams that handle the Discord community servers of 100+ influencers, public figures, content creators & businesses
– Niches include gaming, influencer community, financial equity firms, non-profit organisations, retail businesses & education hubs

A little flashback from 2016: blac|<white was an organisation that provided services of digital content creation to businesses, which subsequently pivoted to the Web 3.0 economy in 2019

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Our Portfolio

Introducing our in-house project which is the fundamental reason our team is able to impeccably consult and provide an array of services to NFT and ICO projects’ founders and team.

This is our very own private NFT project, based on real live events from 1970s. Dabbu NFT was featured on Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, Investing.com, Benzinga and New York Times Square billboard, to name a few.

We launched Dabbu NFT in December 2021 after a full year of effort (since December 2020) and adapted to lots of ups and downs in the space, through our big / small successes and major / minor hiccups along the journey.

A little flashback from 2016: blac|<white is an organisation that provides services of digital content creation to businesses, which subsequently pivoted to the Web 3.0 economy in 2019. We also eventually started building our own community through our very own project, Dabbu NFT.

Till date, we are not a marketing team, but a Discord management team with lots of professional resources and affiliates. Discord is one of the biggest platforms in which Web 3.0 communities are built on, but also unavoidably, a platform in which most projects struggle to understand the mechanics of.

We’re now guiding founders and businesses to not repeat the mistakes we made along the journey, and also sharing tips to excel!

The video in this portfolio is a teaser of what Dabbu NFT was about!