Dabbu Characters


Character trait: cheeky, notorious, mischievous, charming, yet caring tom cat

Physical trait: black and white, relatively larger than its siblings

Hobby: catching mice, lizard, insect and flirting with neighborhood cats

Highlight: without whom, this series will not be possible. Dabbu is our Hero!


Character trait: intelligent, kind, soft, super loving, compassionate female cat

Physical trait: pure silky white, medium sized but smaller than Dabbu

Hobby: cleaning and looking after Dabbu, looking at the moon

Highlight: the most heartwarming soul


Character trait: quiet, calm, composed mother cat

Physical trait: black and white, chubby

Hobby: being alone, wandering away in the woods

Highlight: did all it can to give the best to its kittens before leaving them in good hands


Character trait: curios, playful, independent male kitten

Physical trait: orange with black strips, looks like a tiger cub, medium sized

Hobby: playing with Kappi, roaming

Highlight: almost drowned with Kappi when they both slipped in a well


Character trait: sticky, timid male kitten

Physical trait: solid black, medium sized

Hobby: playing with Choco, hanging out with its mom

Highlight: almost drowned with Choco when they both slipped in a well


Character trait: brave, cocky, strong, romantic, alpha male rooster

Physical trait: colorful and dashing, large sized

Hobby: flirting, showing off to its partner

Highlight: escaped from being kidnapped by a gang of thieves


Character trait: cheerful, friendly beta female hen

Physical trait: brownish orange, medium sized

Hobby: pecking the ground, looking for food

Highlight: saved by the new owner from its pecking mother hen and ended up as Goigoi’s partner


Character trait: timid, introverted young male cock

Physical trait: dark brown, small sized

Hobby: hiding away from humans and almost any other living being

Highlight: close and comfortable only with Dabbu


Character trait: ferocious, whacky, loud, authoritative alpha male duck

Physical trait: golden brown, large sized

Hobby: alerting the whole neighborhood with the loudest sounds

Highlight: commanded a troop of ducks to go for war with Dabbu


Character trait: gentle, supportive omega female duck

Physical trait: golden orange, medium sized

Hobby: collecting food and accompanying its partner

Highlight: befriended Dabbu despite their initial dispute


Character trait: quiet, reserved male parrot

Physical trait: tri-colored (green, orange, yellow), large sized

Hobby: eating, flapping its wings

Highlight: trying to fly and failing miserably


Character trait: talkative, loud, sweet voiced female parrot

Physical trait: tri-colored (green, orange, yellow), medium sized

Hobby: singing

Highlight: attempted to imitate Elvis Presley’s singing and was quite successful


Character trait: fast, bizarre lizard, gender unknown

Physical trait: ivory color, medium sized but sometimes appears bigger

Hobby: chewing and playing with rubber bands

Highlight: known for tormenting Moonn and getting into trouble with Dabbu


Character trait: active, friendly bull frog, gender unknown

Physical trait: clear dark green with dark stripes, large sized

Hobby: catching flies

Highlight: camouflaged and frightened Dabbu on several occasions


Character trait: slow, fierce looking, gender unknown

Physical trait: rough skinned, muddy colored body, large sized

Hobby: swimming in the river, catching fish

Highlight: stole fish from Dabbu


Character trait: fast, loner, gender unknown

Physical trait: dark orange with black shaded scales, medium sized

Hobby: eating mice

Highlight: tried eating Taka on several occasions but got saved by Dabbu everytime


Character trait: brave, loving, gentle, loyal male dog

Physical trait: brownish orange labrador retriever

Hobby: roaming around the neighborhood, befriending familiar people

Highlight: escorting school children to bus stops and ensuring they board safely