Pet Lovers

Almost every day we come across animals in our life be it in the neighborhood or on the streets. Some of them have been tamed as pets, while others are wild and are occasionally endangered by our activities. How many of us actually understand the value of animals in the society? Most pet owners are aware of the joys of having a pet as companionship and the lovely relationships that can be built between human and animal. It is amazing if you knew the help an animal can provide in our life.

Do you know, that when it comes to depression and loss, pets can be lifesavers? This is due to the fact that pets, by their very nature, give us an infusion of positive energy. When we are feeling particularly depressed or nervous, they might give us a sense of purpose and reason in life. It can be lonely at home if you live alone or if your spouse works different shifts than you unless you have a pet waiting for you at home. They can also help to alleviate feelings of loneliness, particularly for those who have lost a spouse later in life. Loneliness can have an adverse effect on one’s health but a pet can help one feel less alone with the joy they bring about daily.

Pets have evolved to be incredibly sensitive to human behaviour and emotions. When you are furious or upset, it is difficult to stay that way. For example, when you are just not in the mood, cats and dogs can help with stress besides anxiety with their playfulness. Their acts make us laugh and we enjoy watching them. The delight we get from laughing is beneficial to our health and emotional well-being. In fact, dogs can understand a lot of the words we say be it our language, gestures or even our inner voice. A devoted dog would glance into your eyes to measure your emotional condition and try to comprehend what you are feeling and thinking about. Giving them the love and care, makes us feel important, helpful and happy.  

People who own a pet are more active on a daily basis Count how many times your cat stretches each day and do it yourself when they do? It is a good form of exercise for you to stretch your upper body. Have you ever thought, walking your dog is a weight-bearing activity that helps to build your bones and muscles? A daily 30-minute stroll with your dog will help you to stay energetic. Do you know it also allows you to get some vitamin D by spending time in the sun? While walking in the park or the neighbourhood, dog owners frequently stop to talk to one another. Staying engaged with others is one of the keys to maintain a healthy mind.

Having a pet can help in the strengthening and bonding of families. This is because, a pet is frequently the focal point of family activities. Why is it so? Well, all of the pet’s activities, from grooming to eating and exercise involves collaboration of a teamwork. Therefore, sharing mutual experiences with a pet can bring the family closer together. They improve family life by encouraging more engagement and conversation. When parents educate their children to treat their pet with kindness, love and compassion, they are more likely to treat other people the same way too. In that way, children would understand the value of respect and empathy for others at an early stage.

Make sure a new pet is the ideal choice for you and your family before you adopt it. It is extremely important to stay healthy and practice good hygiene when you are with your pet. This is to avoid any allergies or harmful germs that could lead to sickness. You can help yourself and your family to stay healthy by keeping your pet clean. The importance of regular veterinary check-ups cannot be underestimated. Make sure to always provide a balanced diet, fresh water, clean bedding if needed and enough exercise for your pet. All they want is to be comforted, well fed and loved while they provide you a lot of love in return. However, having a pet can be expensive and the more pets you have, it is best to plan your finances and budget wisely. Hence, making sure you can afford one, would help you avoid making difficult decisions later.

Having a pet will definitely transform your life and provide you with endless joy and affection. They teach us responsibility, love us unconditionally and are always there for us when we need them. In return, do not miss the amazing opportunity of considering how we can help them. Volunteering at a local animal shelter is one way to do this and it does have a positive impact on both animal and human life. Although owning a pet is not for everyone, it is apparent for those who choose to make these magnificent creatures a part of their lives – it is a good, life-enriching experience. Whether you choose a bird, cat, dog, fish, hamster or rabbit, they will all be excellent pets!

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