The Emergence of ‘The False Bride’

Words from the digital creator:

This storyline and idea just happened to come across my mind when I was teaching students in the elementary school I was attached to. I was teaching physical education and there was a topic in it which we talked on relationship, marriage and sex. One student asked me, “Teacher, what would have happened if my dad married another woman instead of my mother. If that happened, I wouldn’t have been born, would I?” I knew I couldn’t really find a way to explain to him and all I replied was, “If things are meant to be, then it will be. This explains why you’re already present in the world now, because you were meant to be here. And your dad did not marry another woman because your mother was the ONE.”

That whole day, I had my mind scrutinizing various thoughts. The little kid who asked a question naively, made me to ponder on life. What would have happened if each and every one of us got into relationship with a wrong person? Is there such thing as a soul mate? The one that truly deserves to be by our side, and we by theirs? I had these questions within me. That day was the day I had an insight and imagination on one of my most favorite romance novels of all time – THE FALSE BRIDE.

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